Welcome to Waterside, a private residential community. A reminder that renters are guests and are expected to abide by all rules and regulations, failure to comply with the requirements of governing documents shall be considered a breach of the rental agreement and shall be grounds for eviction.

Maximum Number of Occupants: Units shall be used for single-family residential purposes exclusively. Further, no Unit shall be used for business activity, including but not limited to “rooming house” or “boarding house”. In keeping with this requirement, occupancy limits are defined as two adults per bedroom – an adult is defined as a person 14 years old or older. No Unit may exceed 10 adults. Renting to large groups or multiple families is prohibited.

Parking: Parking is permitted only in designated parking areas, driveways and in garages. No more than three vehicles is permitted – one in the garage, one in the driveway, or in the case of the single family homes, two in the driveway, and for the townhomes, one vehicle in the garage, driveway and one in the designated overflow parking area. In order to provide adequate access for emergency services, should there be a requirement, parking on Waterside Drive is permitted only on the north side of the street. That is the side of the street where the sidewalk is located. No exceptions.

Pets: No pets allowed. Failure to comply could result in eviction.

Ponds: Swimming and boating in the ponds is prohibited. Fishing in the ponds is permitted only on a catch and release basis. Further, fishing must be done from open areas and not trespass on property (limited common area) immediately adjacent to a residence.

Speed Limit: Within the community the speed limit is 15 miles per hour. Please exercise caution especially during the summer months when children are out playing.

Motor Bikes, All Terrain Vehicles: No motor bikes, motorcycles or all-terrain vehicles shall be driven within Waterside, with the exception of licensed vehicles and mopeds which shall be operated solely upon the streets, within Waterside for ingress and egress purposes only.

Trash Collection: Tuesday is trash collection day. Because of wild life in the area, trash must be in closed containers, no loose bags. Trash should be put out Monday evening. If, as a renter, departure is before, please put trash container out but be sure it is in a closed container.

Pool Rules: For your convenience, attached is a copy of the pool rules. Failure to abide by the rules could result in loss of pool privileges and/or eviction. Unruly disrespectful behavior and foul language is not acceptable.

Consideration of Others: Please be considerate of neighbors and refrain from loud and boisterous behavior – this especially applies to late night activity.

Thank you!