Pool Closing Day after Labor Day

I would like to see the pool remain open for a longer time period. I know not many of the full time people use it, but as a long time summer resident I think it is ridiculous that it closes the day after Labor Day. Years ago it remained open for 2 weeks post, then 1 week, and the past couple years it closes right after. I am not here for any of the general meetings because I live in Florida, but would like to push for the pool remaining open at least 1 week post Labor Day!!

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  • j_hostelley says:

    I wish the could be open for the beautiful month of September, but I was told insurance is a problem, and our agreement with pool maintenance people ends on Labor Day.

  • h_gelin says:

    Ok… so I was told that if enough people wanted it, we could possibly make a change. I’ve owned here since 2004 and the pool originally use to be opened at least 2 weeks after Labor day weekend. Then it changed to 1 week. The past couple years it has been the day after, which for us summer residence is just ridiculous. I am willing to walk around and get a petition going for owners to sign requesting it remain open for at least 1 more week. The issue is that I don’t know which homes are rented and which the owners are in presently. So I propose that if you would like the pool open at least 1 extra week this year… and more in the future….. you add a note here stating that you agree with this request. 1 more week can not add that much of a cost to our contract. (Better spent than on removing the rocks by the pool…. my not so humble opinion.)
    Hedy Gelin 33854

  • t_murphy says:

    We agree the pool should remain open for one or two weeks after Labor day.
    Tom and Jane Murphy, 33816 Waterside Drive

  • j_deardorff says:

    Most community pools close right after Labor Day weekend. In addition to insurance and maintenance costs would another week of renters who have no stake in our community cause additional expense in damage and/or stolen property?

  • h_gelin says:

    I’ve been here these past 2 weeks and don’t believe I’ve seen any renters here. I believe these couple weeks would really be for the owners, since school has started… especially those that are summer owners who benefit this community but using our community for only a few months, yet pay fees equal to those living here full time. September is the best month to be here, less kids/teens, (usually) great warm weather, uncrowded beaches, and everything is still open!!

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