Pool Violations

On Saturday, August 31st, shortly before midnight there was a pool violation. Four adult males and one female entered the pool area. One of the adult males climbed over the gate, damaging the gate, and opened the gate for the others. Fortunately, a conscientious, responsible and caring owner saw the group in the pool and informed them they must leave. The owner then reported the incident. A review of the video camera recording and the key card system clearly identified the violators. The system worked! A very special thanks and appreciation from the Board to the owner for reporting the incident. A special thanks also to Bill Roberts, Don Ramaley and Pat Woodring, and SeaScape Chris Nichols and Jonathan Poole for the time spent on Sunday, away from their families on a holiday week end, to identify the violators. It reinforces the importance of owners reporting violations so that appropriate actions can be taken.

Note: This is not the first pool violation by unsupervised adult children of owners. The Board hopes it is the last. The Board strongly recommends and encourages owners to inform anyone using their unit that they are guests, adult children included, and everyone is obligated to abide by the rules and regulations of the community. This includes the hours the pool is open. Penalties for a violation will be imposed.