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Grass cutting

Grass cutting was postponed on monday due to the extreme weather.

Winter Alert

Hello all,

We hope this message finds you all well. We would like to take this opportunity to let you know that the temperature has not been above freezing all week and that today is supposed to be a record low temperature. We have been dealing with a few broken pipes this week but we expect to see the majority of issues this weekend as the temperatures will be above freezing on Saturday and Sunday. Any pipes which are frozen will thaw out over the weekend and begin to let the water flow through, and out, of them.

SeaScape very highly recommends you check on your home this weekend or at the very least have someone do it for you. If you cannot do this yourself or do not have a neighbor to do this, we are aware of two companies who will check on homes; Scott Smith at Rehoboth Home Services 302.344.1007 and Graves Carey at Affinity 360 Realty 302.947.2800.

Thank you for your attention to this message and have a great weekend!

SeaScape Property Mgmt

Ocean View Beach Club – How Close?

I’m sure that you have noticed the activity on the property adjacent to Waterside. This is from the developer’s website for the Ocean View Beach Club. [Thanks to Mike for the image.]

Ocean View Beach Club


Pool Violations

On Saturday, August 31st, shortly before midnight there was a pool violation. Four adult males and one female entered the pool area. One of the adult males climbed over the gate, damaging the gate, and opened the gate for the others. Fortunately, a conscientious, responsible and caring owner saw the group in the pool and informed them they must leave. The owner then reported the incident. A review of the video camera recording and the key card system clearly identified the violators. The system worked! A very special thanks and appreciation from the Board to the owner for reporting the incident. A special thanks also to Bill Roberts, Don Ramaley and Pat Woodring, and SeaScape Chris Nichols and Jonathan Poole for the time spent on Sunday, away from their families on a holiday week end, to identify the violators. It reinforces the importance of owners reporting violations so that appropriate actions can be taken.

Note: This is not the first pool violation by unsupervised adult children of owners. The Board hopes it is the last. The Board strongly recommends and encourages owners to inform anyone using their unit that they are guests, adult children included, and everyone is obligated to abide by the rules and regulations of the community. This includes the hours the pool is open. Penalties for a violation will be imposed.


A brief message to inform you that the irrigation system at Waterside has been shut down for repairs. The filtration system has given out. For those of you who have been to Waterside recently you will have noticed an increase in the “yellow” of the pavement – that is the high iron content in the water. The system is scheduled for repair and will be back in operation in about a week.

Canal Woods is not affected by the shut down since they are not on the well system.


In consultation with property management and the landscaper we have determined that the saturated ground in Waterside makes it difficult to cut the grass. A considerable effort has been put into enhancing the lawns, etc. and it would be unfortunate to tear up the sod and lawns with the mowers. There is considerable standing water and the ground is saturated from the considerable recent rain. In light of this we ask for your patience and understanding. Yes, the lawns need cutting and trimming and yes we know the lawns do not look as good as we would like. However, by the same token we do not want to destroy the lawns with attempts to cut while the ground is so saturated. As soon as the standing water abates and there is enough drying of the ground the landscaper will be in to return Waterside to its well groomed state.

Again, your patience and understanding is solicited and appreciated.


We have added a calendar to the Waterside website. To begin, the dates of the trash collection and recyclable trash collection have been posted. Plasitics with an RIC of 1 and 2 should be placed in the recycle bin.

Trash Removal Form Online

The trash removal form for SeaScape is now online at the Waterside website. You will need to login to access the form. Save a stamp … do it now. The form is available at: Trash Form Online.

New Trash Removal Procedure

Recent changes in Delaware Law require that the Waterside POA begin to offer curbside recycling for all residents. In working with our current trash service provider, it was becoming obvious that a significant increase in costs would be incurred for adding this service. SeaScape was asked to investigate other service providers who may be able to offer similar services at a more cost effective price.

As a result of this inquiry, we were able to secure both trash and recycling services from Moor Disposal for the same amount as the current “trash only” contract. The transition to Moor Disposal will require several steps and EACH UNIT OWNER MUST ASSIST IN THE TRANSITION. First, Moor Disposal will be delivering new trash toters AND a smaller recycling toter to each owner the week of November 7th; the last pick up from Blue Hen (the current provider) will be November 8th. Trash service will begin from Moor Disposal on November 15th. Recycling will begin November 22nd and will be picked up EVERY OTHER TUESDAY. Trash pick up will continue to be Tuesday and occur weekly.

The second step will be for everyone to put out their current Blue Hen toter in their driveway so it can be picked up. This needs to occur on or before November 8th. We are aware that not every owner will be here on November 8th, so we ask that between now and then, each owner set their toter in their driveway. We know that all the toters being in driveways throughout the community will be unsightly, but once they are collected, the issue will be resolved.

As not every owner currently has trash service, we ask that you fill out the attached “Trash Service Request” form. If you wish to have trash and recycling service going forward, YOU MUST RETURN THIS FORM ON OR BEFORE NOVEMBER 1ST. You can mail it to SeaScape at PO Box 1761 Millsboro, DE 19966, fax it to (302) 645-1292 or scan it and email it to If we do not receive this form before November 1, 2011, you will not receive a new trash or recycling toter.

We greatly appreciate everyone’s cooperation as we make this transition. If you are not able to set out your existing Blue Hen trash toter by the required date, PLEASE contact the Board or SeaScape immediately so we can discuss alternate solutions to getting your existing toter collected. Furthermore, if you need help in putting your new toters out of sight at your unit once they are delivered, please contact us so we can address the issue. The Association does not wish to incur fees because we did not return a toter to Blue Hen or for the new Moor Disposal toters to be blowing around the community during this fall.

The Waterside Board of Directors


Assawoman Canal Pathway

This message is coming to you from me in my role as a DNREC appointed member of the Assawoman Canal Pathway Project Working Group with an interest in looking after Waterside interests. As full-time residents I am appealing to you to attend the upcoming public meeting, but of course, the content and “invitation” is for everyone. Please pass the word to anyone you think might be interested and able to attend the public meeting.


The Assawoman Canal Pathway Project Working Group is having a public meeting Friday, September 30th, 4:00pm-6:00pm at the Millville Fire Hall. The time was set late in the day in the hopes it would enable more people to participate. The format for the meeting will be a presentation of the Trail Concept Plan, funding sources and possible next steps (approximately 20 minutes), followed by a Q&A session and any written comments people may want to submit. The group will then break up to enable those present to view “rendering station” displays to facilitate conversations with Trail Team members. A web-based comment form will be available for a two-week period following the public meeting.


Here is the address for your perusal:


The Working Group is in the final stages and will soon make the determination whether to move forward with a pathway. The prevailing view at this point is to go forward with a pathway. What remains are the details – a pathway on both sides of the canal, addressing concerns of some communities regarding loss of privacy and access, funding issues (yes, there is money available) and going out for bids and actual design. It is anticipated the completion of the project will take “a couple of years”. You will note, if you go to the above website, one option is to circumvent the area of the canal near Waterside.


I would ask and encourage each of you to attend the meeting on Friday afternoon. It is important that members of the Working Group hear from Waterside residents and their concerns. As a member of the Working Group I have supported the concept of a pathway and at the same time defending our concerns. The more people the Working Group hears from the stronger our position. Please plan to attend.


If anyone has any questions, please let me know –