Landscaping, Irrigation, …


In consultation with property management and the landscaper we have determined that the saturated ground in Waterside makes it difficult to cut the grass. A considerable effort has been put into enhancing the lawns, etc. and it would be unfortunate to tear up the sod and lawns with the mowers. There is considerable standing water and the ground is saturated from the considerable recent rain. In light of this we ask for your patience and understanding. Yes, the lawns need cutting and trimming and yes we know the lawns do not look as good as we would like. However, by the same token we do not want to destroy the lawns with attempts to cut while the ground is so saturated. As soon as the standing water abates and there is enough drying of the ground the landscaper will be in to return Waterside to its well groomed state.

Again, your patience and understanding is solicited and appreciated.